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Simple and maintenance-free flow meter for water

Clamp-on water flow meters provides easy installation and minimal maintenance.

Measuring flow with clamp-on sensors is a rapidly growing measuring principle. The ultrasound principle is reliable and it offers a number of advantages to be able to measure flows without being in contact with the liquid. The meter is not exposed to any wear, the installation is quick, simple and without intervention in the pipe system. Surface mounted flow meters are available for both clean liquids and liquids containing particles or impurities. This type of flow meter increasingly replaces the traditional measuring technology with electromagnetic flow meters in, for example, water supply networks in municipalities. 

Both TFX-5000 and TFX-500w from Dynasonics are intended for water measurement in pipes where you do not need to turn off your process during installation. A good example of this is when in a water supply network, you don’t have to plan to turn off the water to the water consumers, with a time pressed installation as a result. In Scandinavia, we sometimes have over 100 years old pipe network, which means that you do not know how much work it entails when you cut a pipe due to a flow meter installation. This uncertainty is eliminated when using clamp-on flow meters. The sensors are installed at a certain distance from each other outside the pipe, which results in a simple installation with a low installation cost. 

TFX-5000 is compatible for both clean water and other liquids with no or low particle content and pipe dimension from DN12 to DN3000. It also has an internal memory for local logging in those cases where the meter is not connected to a remote control system. 

TFX-500w is compatible for clean water with no or low particle content and pipe dimension from DN12 to DN300. It is intended for local reading and/or reading in a remote control system. 

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