Kompauto - Brochures

Below you will find our brochures for specific industries and selected product ranges. Click on a brochure to open it and/or download in pdf format. Currently our Kompauto brochures are only published in Swedish versions. Our complete product range can be found under the “products” section in the top menu.

Next Level of Compressed Air, Gas and Liquid Monitoring

Instruments for water and waste water

Leakcell for zone partitioning

Valves and pneumatics

Efficiency of compressed air systems

Manufacturer - Broshures

Below you will find the brochures from our manufacturers. Click on a brochure to open it and/or download it in PDF format.

Fox Thermal – Mass Flow Meters

Heinrichs flow Meters

King Instrument – Rotameters

Kobold – Flow, Pressure, Level, Temperature Meters

SMS-Tork – Solenoid Valves

SUTO iTEC – Compressed Air and Gas Instruments

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