Ett precisionsmätinstrument märkt "kistler" kopplat till en grå låda märkt "dut" via en metallstav.

Fast and accurate leak testing for system validation

Accurate leak tests validate the safety of the process, preventing manufacturing errors and hazards. By using a combined pressure & mass flow instrument, leaks are detected quickly and reliably. Set the desired pressure setpoint, measure the flow and detect the leak without waiting time. 

-Multivariable control. Create a stable pressure and measure the flow with an “all-in-one” instrument.

-Low pressure drops minimize restrictions and enable rapid pressure stabilization resulting in a much faster leak test than pressure drop testing.

-Reliable control and measurement from 0.01% to 100% of full scale.

Looking for a quick and accurate way to leak test your system? Alicat Whisper controllers with low pressure drop provide a convenient solution with a single instrument. A standard controller will also work but stable leaks are best detected when the instrument generates minimal pressure drop. This makes the low pressure drop (as low as 0.07 PSID) of a Whisper very useful, especially when leak testing smaller volumes such as valves or sensors.

An Alicat mass flow controller displays flow, pressure and temperature readings simultaneously and can control either flow or pressure. In an installation like the one shown in the picture, a single Whisper controller can maintain a constant pressure at the device under test (DUT-Device Under Test) while providing accurate mass and volumetric flow values in real time. When the DUT is subjected to a constant pressure in the closed system, the measured flow is a direct measure of the leakage.

See the video below for a demonstration of the leak testing:

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