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A central part of El-Watch solutions is predictive maintenance. By monitoring machines and systems, you know how much load they can take before they break. This allows you to safely increase performance and strategically plan maintenance for minimal revenue loss. In addition, you can turn all your existing measuring instruments into online instruments via the analog output signal, regardless of what the instrument measures. Smooth and flexible monitoring in the cloud, wirelessly and completely without programming. Set up automatic redistribution of measurement data with ready-made APIs, for a worry-free and efficient everyday life.

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Get to know El-Watch, products and customers

El-Watch is a technology company based in central Norway with offices in Rindal and Trondheim. Since March 2024, Kompauto has been a partner of El-Watch regarding the distribution of Neuron in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Watch the video to learn more about El-Watch, products, employees and typical customers.


Get started with Neuron Sensors

This video will help you get started with El-Watch Neuron sensors. Learn the quick and easy steps and get your sensors and other measurement data up in no time. Watch the video to learn more about El-Watch, products, employees and typical customers.


Find the perfect sensor solution

We offer over 50 different sensor types. Explore the possibilities in the product tree and collect the items in a request for quotation or click on our product brochure for Neuron IoT sensors and digitizers. Also see our full range of instruments for flow, level, pressure, analysis that can be combined with Neuron digitizers to visualize the data in the cloud without costly installations or programming.


Robust sensors with long lifespan and quick installation

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Adapted to tough conditions that we find in industry, transport, construction and agriculture.

Over 50 different sensor types available. Our wireless sensors monitor processes, machines, vehicles and buildings.

Long service life, no battery replacement or re-charging. Environmentally friendly data transmission without cables.

Data delivery via API and app. The collected data comes from the real world and is owned by the customer. The data is visualized in the app and can be passed on to other systems through ready-made API standards.

Innovative and patented methods. Flexible placement of sensors. Intuitive, practical and tailored.

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