Två män som analyserar data på en dator med dubbla bildskärmar i ett ljust kontor.

El-Watch Neuron sensors - Know your machinery like you know your own body

Neuron sensors are a revolutionary part of the Neuron System, a complete solution for industrial IoT monitoring. With innovative technology, we make industrial monitoring and predictive maintenance more accessible than ever.

Wouldn't it be great if we could feel abnormalities in industrial systems just like we feel pain in our own bodies? Imagine if we could treat weakened parts of production before they cause real damage. That's what neuron sensors are all about.

Till skillnad från ”vanliga” övervakningssystem är neuronövervakning inget som skapar tvång för anpassningar av processen. Istället integreras det snabbt utan kostsamma och oflexibla kabeldragningar. Neuron känner av hur maskiner mår och larmar så att underhåll kan utföras innan allvarliga problem uppstår.

The neuron system is more than just a monitoring system. It adapts to your routines and improves production by using wireless sensors, IoT monitoring and predictive maintenance.

We can't yet upgrade the human nervous system, but industrial super-senses are already here. Neuron optimizes industrial operations and gives companies the advantage of being one step ahead.

The main components of the Neuron system

Neuron is intended to become a natural part of all industrial operations. Neuron improves and optimizes production without downtime, even during installation, adjustment or scale-up. To achieve this, the system has four main components. Neuron Sensors, Neuron Gateway, Neuron Cloud, Neuron App

Neuron sensors

The wireless neuron sensors are the heart of the Neuron systems. The robust design is made to withstand harsh industrial conditions and the sensors are powered by internal batteries expected to last around ten years. 

  • Digitizer – Digitizes third-party instruments via analog output
  • Vibration/Temperature Sensor – Attaches easily with the sensor's magnet
  • Ampere sensor – Attaches around the plus pole of a pump, compressor, etc
  • Temperature sensor PT100 

And many more types of sensors. See products for the complete range of Neuron sensors. 

Neuron Gateway

The Neuron sensors communicate locally with the Neuron Gateway. This device is the link between the sensors and the cloud. By strictly controlling data flow in both directions, as well as buffering and pre-processing data, the Gateway is the key to making the Neuron system so simple and user-friendly.

Svart rektangulär industriell cellulär gateway-enhet med synliga portar och etiketter på en ljus bakgrund.
Två män som analyserar data på en dator med dubbla bildskärmar i ett ljust kontor.
The neuron cloud

The neuron cloud is like a person's long-term memory. This is where all the data from the Neuron sensors are stored. The data storage is located on servers at Google in Europe, which is symbolized by data security at the absolute top of the world compared to storing data on local servers. 

The neuron app

The Neuron app is your installation tool, administration point, control panel and analytics tool. Once your Neuron sensor network is up and running, this is the only tool you need to track the health, consumption and performance of your assets. Analyze with simple clicks and visualize measurement data in diagrams, set your own alarm points that notify via SMS or e-mail when an alarm is triggered. This is also where you easily generate API keys for selected sensors.

Create users in the Neuron App here:

En komplex industriell installation med olika märkta rör och mätare, som visar temperatur- och tryckinformation på ett datorgränssnitt.
Presentation El-Watch Neuron from the Maintenance Fair 2024 in Gothenburg

In March 2024, we had fantastic days at the Maintenance Fair in Gothenburg. The craze for IoT monitoring has really taken off. Kompauto is very happy that we represent the manufacturer that is at the absolute forefront of the use of IoT in industrial processes. Watch this video for a presentation of the different sensors, the web app interface, etc.  


Find the perfect sensor solution

We offer over 50 different sensor types. Explore the possibilities in the product tree and collect the items in a request for quotation or click on our product brochure for Neuron IoT sensors and digitizers. Also see our full range of instruments for flow, level, pressure, analysis that can be combined with Neuron digitizers to visualize the data in the cloud without costly installations or programming.

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