Alicat coda coriolis massflödesregulator med ett mattsvart hölje och metalliska silverbeslag på sidorna.

Alicat Scientific launches CODA

A new type of coriolis mass flow instrument

In the fall of 2020, Alicat Scientific, Tucson AZ, a division of Halma PLC, announced the launch of CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers. CODA complements Alicat's strategy with globally recognized mass flow and pressure instruments such as flow instruments for extremely low flows and high precision that can also work at high pressures.

Mass flow measurement, gas composition, stability and pressure combined limit the effectiveness of most models of mass flow instruments on the market. When Alicat now introduces its new series of Coriolis mass flow instruments, the CODA series, these limitations are lowered considerably. Corrosive gases have also posed a challenge to the effectiveness of traditional mass flow measurement. The CODA series of Coriolis instruments use a more resistive flow technology that allows for greater compatibility with aggressive liquid and gas applications.

"Coriolis technology enables mass flow measurement and regulation for high pressure, aggressive fluid, ultra-low flow and high precision applications," said Ryan Barner, director of new product development at Alicat Scientific. "I am excited about CODA and the impact it is having in research and production environments."

What makes Coriolis different from other forms of mass flow measurement is measurement independent of the composition of the gas or liquid. This means that it can be applied to a wider range of processes. CODA can also measure extremely low flows and at the same time can operate at very high pressures, up to 3500 PSI, which further expands the application potential. The CODA Coriolis models have been developed in real applications that resulted in a higher vibration frequency for the measuring tubes. This gives CODA a significantly higher resistance to external vibrations than traditional Coriolis instruments on the market.

CODA Coriolis instruments are ideal for aerospace and fuel cell applications where high pressures and corrosive media impose high loads on the instruments while requiring extremely low error tolerances. CODA Coriolis is equally suited for biomedical research as it is for food production where precision and extremely low flow rates are required to maintain strict purity standards.


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