Flera alicat massflödesregulatorer anslutna till ett system av metallrör och ventiler, arrangerade på en laboratoriebänk.

5 days fast production of alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers

In an age where material shortages weigh on most industries, it is frustrating with long delivery times. But there are bright spots with deliveries of Alicat standard instruments for mass flow of non-corrosive gases that are shipped within 5 days of order via a “Fast Track” program. This applies to both Alicat M (Mass flow meters) and Alicat MC (Mass flow controllers) in the maximum flow range 2 sccm to 100 slpm.

Available signals for fast delivery are 0-5V. 4-20mA, 1-5V, 0-10V and RS-232+MODBUS RTU, RS-485+MODBUS RTU

With mass flow instruments from Alicat, you get versatile instruments that simultaneously measure and communicate all four parameters such as mass flow, volume flow, pressure and temperature. All at the same time in the same instrument. All instruments are also pre-programmed with 98 standard gases that can be easily selected as a single gas or as a gas mixture directly in the display or via the digital communication. For those who need it, there is also FlowVision 2.0, which is a software from Alicat for PC to read, set setpoint, configure and log flows. This software is free of charge.

Alicat mass flow instruments can be supplied within “Fast Track” with electrical/data connection Mini-DIN. Industrial Mini-DIN (with locking), DB9 and DB15. In addition, matching pin-out configurations are available for direct replacement of all major competitors such as Aalborg, Bronkhorst, Brooks, Hastings, MKS, Sierra.

The link below shows which 98 gases (see in the “PURE NON-CORROSIVE GASES” table and the other tables of gas mixtures containing these gases) all Alicat standard instruments have pre-programmed and which can be easily selected via the COMPOSER function directly via display or via digital communication to a PC. The gases can be selected as individual gases or as part of your own gas mixture via the built-in COMPOSER function.


Call or chat with us using the chat function at the bottom right of the page to get a quote for Alicat mass flow instruments.

Telephone Sweden/Denmark: +46(0)130 10 00

Telephone Norway: +47 55 55 86 99

See how-to video for the built-in COMPOSER function:

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