Portabel daggpunktsmätare Suto

Portable dew point meter

A portable dew point meter (dew point sensor) is a handheld device used to measure the dew point in a measuring chamber in various environments and situations. This type of meter is easy to transport and can be easily moved between different locations or used for temporary measurements.

Portabel daggpunktsmätare Suto S520
Portable dew point meter Suto S520.

Portabla daggpunktsgivare kan användas för att mäta daggpunkten i tryckluftssystem, torkprocesser och andra industriella applikationer där fuktighet kan orsaka problem. De är också användbara för att mäta daggpunkten i utomhusmiljöer eller i andra situationer där en fast installerad sensor inte är lämplig.

Measuring chamber

A typical portable dew point meter uses a sensor (measuring chamber) that is based on capacitance measurement technology, meaning it measures changes in electrical capacitance as moisture is absorbed by the sensor.

The measuring chamber is usually an airtight container with two ports, one to connect the sample to be tested and one to connect the measuring instrument. The sample is placed inside the measuring chamber and a certain amount of air is pumped into the chamber. After that, the air in the chamber gradually cools until condensation begins to form, which indicates the dew point. The measuring instrument measures the temperature and humidity inside the chamber to determine the dew point. The meter usually displays the dew point in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Mätkammare Suto S520
Measuring chamber Suto S520.

The advantages of a portable dew point meter are its ease of use, flexibility and portability. Because it is easy to transport, it can be used in different locations to get a more comprehensive picture of the humidity conditions in a given environment. This can help identify problem areas and prevent damage to equipment and materials.

Some frequently asked questions and answers about portable dew point meters:

Question: What is the advantage of a portable dew point meter compared to a permanently installed sensor?
Response: A portable dew point meter is more flexible and can be used in different locations to measure the dew point. A permanently installed sensor is usually more permanent and may be more suitable for monitoring the dew point of a specific process.

Question: What factors affect the accuracy of a portable dew point meter?
Response: Factors that affect accuracy include the calibration of the meter, environmental factors such as temperature and airflow, and the accuracy of the sensor.

Question: What are common applications for a portable dew point meter?
Response: Portable dew point meters are commonly used in industrial applications to measure dew point in compressed air systems, drying processes and other environments where moisture can cause problems. They can also be used to measure the dew point in outdoor environments or in other situations where a permanently installed sensor is not suitable.

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