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New series of dew point instruments from SUTO ITEC.

SUTO iTEC launches a new series of dew point meters as a further expansion of its quality instruments for precise and stable dew point monitoring in industrial applications. With a measurement range of -100 … +20 °C Td, it is an ideal choice for dew point measurements in applications with high demands in extreme conditions

The new generation of dew point sensors offers compressed air users a plug & play solution to monitor compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1. All models are available with 2- or 3-wire analog 4… 20 mA output signals, in addition there are models with Modbus RTU digital interface. By offering different outputs, users can benefit from great flexibility and seamless integration into their process.

Integrerad display

In addition, the dew point sensors are offered with an integrated pressure sensor, which combines a pressure and dew point sensor into a single instrument. The optional integrated OLED display directly mounted on the sensor provides real-time values locally. The display can be easily rotated 340° to fit in any application. The main body is made of high-grade aluminum alloy with a smooth finish. The process connection is a 1.4301 (SUS 304) stainless steel connection with an aluminum top in the same finish as the measuring body. The optional display cover is made of robust polycarbonate with ABS reinforcement to withstand tough environments.

The QCM sensor from SUTO iTEC is the result of many years of high-tech research and development. The sensor is specially designed for low dew point applications where other competing types of sensors cannot keep up. The combination of QCM and the well-known polymer sensor makes the S220 the world's first dew point sensor that measures from -100 °C Td up to +20 °C Td by automatically switching between the two sensor elements as needed. By mounting an additional pressure sensor in the measuring unit, it combines 4 sensor elements (Polymer, QCM, Pt100, pressure) into a single dew point sensor.

Additional models in the new series are S211 and S215, which have measuring ranges -60 °C Td to +20 °C Td resp. -20 °C Td to +50 °C Td.

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