En ultraljudsflödesmätare för vätskor märkt s462, annonserad som "bara klämma fast den på plats." displayen visar data, med rubriken som ny, säker och pålitlig med sloganen "var smart. mät det.

Cost-effective flow measurement with SUTO ITEC's S462 Clamp-On.

SUTO iTEC presents the new S462 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Meter for water and liquids which is one of the latest innovations in the industry.

Liquid flow meters are widely used in industry to monitor water consumption in processes, energy supply, cooling and dosing applications. It provides users with a very easy installation without downtime, pressure drop or leakage. Since the flowmeter has no contact with the medium, no contamination can occur due to the flowmeter.

Model S462 from SUTO iTEC is available in four sizes for pipe dimensions DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40 and provides accurate, reliable flow and consumption measurement for different types of liquids. The installation is done in a few minutes and is connected to any monitoring system via analog output and/or Modbus/RTU interface. The compact design allows users to still install the sensor in applications where there is a lack of space. Equipped with an OLED display and a keyboard, the meter is easily configured at the installation site. The menu selection for changing settings can be locked to prevent unwanted adjustments. The view in the display can be reversed to make it readable in all installation locations. S462 contains statistics on daily, weekly and monthly consumption. This summation can be read via the local display or through the digital communication to the superior monitoring system.

Some important features:

Installation in a few minutes

No downtime during installation

No pressure drop, contamination or leakage

For pipe sizes DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40

OLED display for configuration and scaling of 4 … 20 mA

Modbus/RTU interface

Of course, the S462 Ultrasonic Flowmeter also works with SUTO displays and data loggers S330/331 and S551.

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