Kobold MIM
Kobold MIM


Kobold MIM is a small inductive flow meter in acid-proof steel with a lot inside the shell. A variety of output signals and alarm function as well as display of temperature, flow in real time and total flow.

Alicat MC
Alicat CODA
Alicat MC

Alicat Scientific

A mass flow controller for gas and air is used to regulate a desired flow. It accurately measures the flow and, with the help of the built-in control valve, it adjusts and maintains the set flow.



SUTO S451 Instick massflödesmätare mäter volymmetriskt flöde över ett brett mätområde. S451 är designad specifikt för tuffare miljöer och elektroniken håller en IP67 klassning och med option för ATEX klassificering. Den kan även fås för bidirektionell mätning.

SMS Tork - Don
Alicat CODA
Valves & actuators

SMS Tork

At Kompauto, we develop the solution for your valve. Whether you need a pneumatic or electric actuator, we have the right solution to automate your valve. We mount the actuator on the valve and test drive it with us.

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Popular Products

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    SUTO S453

    Inline bi-directional thermal flow meter for compressed air, ATEX

  • Sale!

    SUTO S211

    Dew point sensors, -60…+20 °C Td

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    Portable flow meter LEAKCELL LCPD

    With mobile connection to web portal and to the user's own SCADA system

  • Sale!

    Serie 78

    DN15 – DN50. ATEX

  • Sale!

    SUTO S418 (pro)

    Compact thermal flow meter for air and process gases with built-in data logger (pro)

  • Sale!

    SUTO S415 (eco)

    Compact thermal flow meter for compressed air (eco)

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    Kobold AUF

    Plug on display

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    Temperature switch, with adjustable switch points

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