En metallstolpe med flera riktade antenner och en kontrollbox, upplyst av gatlyktor på natten, med vegetation och en bil synlig i bakgrunden.

Installation of LeakCell in Norwegian municipalities

During week 37, LEAKCELL was installed with three measurement points at a municipality in Norway. It will identify the water flow in three different areas to quickly find leaks in the future. The three flow meters sends data in real time to the operation monitoring system at the municipality via 4G and are powered by a battery bank charged with 2 solar panels. The installation is carried out during full operation because external “clamp-on” sensors are used to measure water flow. This means no water shut-off and no expensive plumbing work needed. 

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Gula och svarta industrirör med ventiler, installerade ovanför ett blankt golv i ett mekaniskt rum.

Mass flow meters and Mass flow regulators

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