Illustration som visar trådlös kommunikation mellan en s4c-fs-app på en smartphone och olika sutoflödesmätare, avbildad med signalvågor som kopplar ihop enheter.

Free android app for Auto flow meter

Have you ever heard of S4C-FS? It is an Android app designed to configure and monitor flow sensors from SUTO iTEC. The app saves you the hassle of cables, noisy computers in hard-to-reach installation locations. With the mobile phone or tablet (Android) you can read the current flow and summation, as well as configure the flow meter wirelessly. Daily work becomes significantly easier with the free S4C app from SUTO iTEC.

The app also protects the flowmeters from accidental access and modification. Regular users can only read data from sensors, while users who are authorized by scanning the QR code that comes with the delivery documentation can easily commission and configure the sensor. The S4C-FS app allows the authorized user to change flow settings, diameter, gas type, output signals and so on.

Currently, the app supports flow meter types S401/421, S415/418 and S430. The remote connection between the instruments and the app is established via bluetooth which enables users to connect within a range of 10 meters.

S4C-FS is available for free download at Google Play Store ( and

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