Snötäckta berg med fiskodlingar i förgrunden en klar dag.

Oxygen gas (O2) flow measurement at large land-based salmon farms in Norway

Traditionally, fish farms have been located at sea with large nets that act as fish basins and prevent the fish from escaping. With fish farms at sea, there is no control over the water quality, which has led to the development of land based salmon farms. In addition, opposition towards sea based fish farms is growing because it is disturbing the environment in valuable coastline.

In the fish farming process on land, the fish goes through several stages depending which growth phase it’s in. The different stages means different types of water tanks where the water is treated in different ways for the fish to feel as good as possible, and grow in the best possible way. O2 / Oxygen needs to be supplied to these fish tanks, where the oxygen supply needs to be monitored / measured in order to obtain optimal cost control.

Depending on the size of the fish tanks, different types of gas flow meters are needed. Here, Kompauto is a supportive partner to many of the projects of land based fish farms that are now being designed and put into operation in Norway and Sweden.

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