Digital flödesmätare med blått hölje och stålsond som visar avläsningar på en elektronisk lcd-skärm.

A flow meter to monitor them all

Gas-SelectX® is a revolutionary new feature that enables the user to have a meter that can accurately measure different gases. The user can select from the list of gases below or mix from the list to create a custom gas mixture specifically for their own application! All FT4X flowmeters are pre-programmed for: 

Menu for clean gasesMenu for mixed gasesMenu for gases for Oil/Gas
- Air- Air– Methane (C1)
– Argon– Argon– Etan (C2)
- Butane- Butane- Propane (C3)
– Carbon dioxide– Carbon dioxide– Isobutane (C4)
– Helium– Etan– Normal butane (C4)
- Wet– Helium– Pentane (C5)
- Methane- Wet– Hexane (C6)
– Natural gas*- Methane– Heptane (C7)
- Nitrogen- Nitrogen– Octane (C8)
- Acid- Acid– Nonane+ (C9+)
- Propane- Propane– Carbon dioxide
  - Nitrogen

Any combination of gases in the Mixed Gas and Oil & Gas Menus can be mixed in 0.1% increments to create a custom gas mix. The Gas-SelectX® feature can be accessed through the front panel of the meter or by using the free FT4X View™ software tool.

*Natural gas refers to pipeline-quality dry natural gas. Fox Thermal uses the NAESB standard as the default composition for natural gas in the Pure Gas menu of Gas-SelectX®. Naturally occurring gas – from oil fields commonly referred to as Associated Gas – may have a different percentage of gas constituents in its composition. Use the Mixed Gas or Oil & Gas Menu in Gas-SelectX® to program the correct percentages of the natural gas or contact Kompauto Nordic for further information.

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