En modern elektronisk vägtullupptagningsutrustning belägen bredvid en väg under en klarblå himmel med få moln.

Cato Dahle and the solution for zoning the water supply network

Øygarden kommune, Norge,  väntade länge med installationen av flödesmätare i orten Tjeldstø. Anledningen till detta är typiska utmaningar som många andra kommuner också brottas med:

– Expensive power connection

– Difficulty turning off the water during installation

It was therefore a good feeling when they became aware that both of these challenges could be solved in a reasonable and efficient way, one single system – “Leakcell” – specially developed for just such conditions has actually recently been developed.

Since the municipality of Øygarden outsourced the operation of water and sewage to the company ØyVAR, Cato Dahle, head of VA operations, had the task of organizing this. He explains that zoning is a fundamental tool in leak detection and the development of zones in the water supply network has a high priority.

ØyVAR chose to go for Leakcell, which is a complete plug&play solution for zoning. Leakcell elegantly solves the challenge of expensive electrical installation by using solar energy. By installing solar panels instead of pulling up a new power supply, ØyVAR avoided major costs and a lot of work.

The other major challenge was to avoid downtime. Leakcell was therefore fitted with ultrasonic flowmeters – a method with which they were already well acquainted with. The entire installation could therefore be done in full operation and no mechanical work/intervention in the pipe system was needed.

Cato Dahle summarizes the project in Tjeldstø as a great success. He got 3 measurement points without complicated work. By using comprehensive solutions, he saved a lot of time and money.

How does your municipality solve such problems? Contact us and we’ll have a chat.

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