About us

”The new and improved but still the same, Kompauto!”

Since the beginning of the 1980s, Kompauto Nordic AB (e.g, Komponentautomatic AB) has been a successful supplier of instruments and valves for larger and smaller industries in Scandinavia. In a world that is constantly changing, where business models and marketing strategies can become obsolete overnight, it is important to keep up. For this reason, Kompauto is always at the front of adapting us and our products to the needs of the market within our strategically predetermined product areas. One of our primary strengths is our overall competence in these areas where we constantly focus on presenting application solutions for the process industry in instruments, valves and compressed air.

In line with increased demand, the organization has also grown, in addition to our headquarters in Ludvika, with a geographical focus on Sweden, we also have a regional office in Bergen, Norway (Kompauto Norway AS), from which we supply to the Norwegian market with the trademarks we represent in Norway.

In 2009, it was decided that Komponentautomatic would get a new graphic profile and logotype that has a better recognition effect and with a symbol that reflects the company’s focus. The company name in the logo was therefore reduced to “KOMPAUTO” and a colored instrument symbol was added. Since February 2012, the company name has also been changed to Kompauto Nordic AB.

January 2013, the company ITTAB was acquired with the purpose of supplementing Kompauto’s range of compressed air products. Name change was carried out immediately after the acquisition of “Kompauto Air System AB” to build on the Kompauto brand. As a further step in Kompauto’s efficiency process, Kompauto Air System AB was merged into Kompauto Nordic AB during the spring of 2015.

Our Business concept

“Kompauto Nordic AB will deliver components and service solutions, at a customer’s best investment cost.
Our customers are in Scandinavia and are consumers of instruments and valves.
Our staff shall be characterized by great dedication and high competence.
High service levels, modern technology solutions and good logistics optimize our profitability. “

Welcome to Kompauto, we know Instruments and Valves!