LEAKCELL – Portable contactless flow logging via internet

Measuring flow and logging water pipes temporarily is a challenge when you do not want to make costly interventions in the pipes. In addition, you often have no access to power supply or data communication. Kompauto has therefore launched LEAKCELL model LCPD, a portable flowmeter with integrated GSM logger that automatically sends the log files to a web portal for easy reading via clear graphs and the ability to program notifications via e-mail for high or low flow over a 24-hour period .

In addition, this portable flow meter has an integrated battery bank that makes flow logging possible for a week without the operator having to go out to read the amount of water that has passed. All installed in a weatherproof bag for the toughest climates outdoors and in wells.

“Clamp-on” flow measurement is a fast-growing measurement technique that is both simple and cost-effective. Our technicians have designed a complete plug & play solution for both portable and fixed installation with battery operation.